Our role at Passage is to guide you a creative journey that will inspire a deeper human connection to and awareness of this planet.  

We do this by working with various creative methods, time in mature, time in groups, encouragement, feedback and making.

Passage does not teach techniques or how to write a best seller.  Our role is to guide the process of writing by way of a journey.

Life as a writer and an artist can be isolating and lonely, even if you have a full-time job,  Indeed many would not have it any different!

But it was to always that way.  In some traditions books were created in community, not sold but crafted as personal practice within belief systems.  

The physical making of books, of paper of special bindings reached extraordinary levels of artistry in China, in the Middle East and Western Europe, and were reverential expressions of the status of the texts they contantined.

Writing and creating; re-writing and re-creating are all expressions of self discovery and exploration.  These expressions help, along with music, dance, and story -telling, to bring our wholeness into the world.  They provide a means of accessing our inner life and drawing it forward for the benefit of others, aswell as for ourselves. 

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